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Mark Tennenhouse

Mark Tennenhouse - C#, Angular, ASP.NET/CORE, MVC, SQL, Javascript, Microsoft Developer

Senior Front End and C# Developer in React, Angular 2-7, .NET Core, ASP.NET, MVC, Javascript, JQuery, SQL, REST Services and WCF.

Expert at building smart answers to business problems.

  • Over 20+ years coding and debugging in C#, Node, SQL & ASP/.NET Core
  • Solid experience developing Cloud API/Microservices
  • Extensive background in React, Angular, Knockout.js, Jquery.
  • Senior level skills in SQL, LINQ & Stored Procedures
  • Seasoned professional software developer with expertise in rapid application development (and redesign) for enterprise and small business. Mark’s extensive background demonstrates a proven ability to take business challenges and turn them into working software for the Web, Mobile devices , Server and Windows platforms.
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A quick summary of my skills.

Server Side Languages
C#, Node, VB.NET Development
22 years
Application Types
.NET Core, MVC and ASP.NET Development
20 years
Cloud and Microservices
Azure Data Factory, Logic Apps, Enterprise Service Bus
2 years
Database experience
SQL, Entity Framework, ORM tools
22 years
Front End Experience
React, Angular, JQuery, Javascript & CSS
9 years
Front End Development
  • Strong skills in MVVM Development - including React, Angular 2-7, Knockout.js, Ajax and JQuery
  • Solid experience coding with Javascript and Plugins
  • HTML5 & CSS3 Skills for Web, & Mobile Platforms
  • In depth Experience with Bootstrap & responsive design
Middle Tier Development
  • Heavy Object Oriented Development in Multi-Tier Enterprise Applications
  • C#, .NET CORE, VB.NET and ASP.NET Framework development from 2.0 to 4.7.2
  • Extensive experience designing and consuming REST, WEB API and and WCF Services
Back End Development
  • Solid experience coding tables, stored procs and query optimization on SQL Server 2005/2008/2012/2014, MYSQL, MongoDB, Redis, DB2, Oracle
  • Solid experience using Entity Framework/LINQ to Objects / SQL / XML
  • Coding using SSRS reporting and data transfer tasks

Work Experience

Detailed timeline and descriptions of projects and companies at which Mark has worked.


A short overview of cool and sophisticated projects completed over the years.


Senior Front End Angular Developer May 2018 - Present

The Vendor Program department at Office Depot handled all products for stores nationwide. When an employee left his position, this created a problem because the employees contracts were assigned to the no longer present employee. Using Angular 6 and WEB API and the help of another developer for some of the front end logic, we built a series of modal menus to allow the department to automatically shift the contracts to the next person in the hierarchy. I used a grouping query and several methods in WEB API to handle the updates, and inserts. I secured the application to work with the company wide Active Directory roles using C# Attributes and the Active Directory Provider for .NET. I also wrote automated unit tests in Jasmine and Karma to verify the business logic. I have also developed several of the main components on the second phase of the project including the search and results components, and the Installments which are all coded in Angular 6. I wrote automated unit tests in Jasmin and Karma to ensure the business logic is correct. I created several stored procedures to return the results and several WEB API methods for handling the Insert, Update and Delete of the data along with a complex series of business rules.

Senior Architect May 2016 - May 2018

At this software development company, I'm the Lead Application Architect/Senior Developer responsible for the company’s primary application. We've built an ever expanding series of Legal and E-Commerce related applications for several Caribbean Countries which are now in use. I've proto-typed, coded and deployed most of the major sections in Angular.js and JQuery, MVC, and WebAPI in C# on ASP.NET. Some interesting challenges that we’ve overcome included coding for Digital Certificate signing on Azure, Document Storage and retrieval using Blob Service (Azure), Microservices on Azure and AWS, setting up deployment processes. I’ve also run our daily SCRUM meetings and handled task assignments and updates in JIRA and TFS.

Senior Application February 2014 - March 2015

The Billing department needed a way to easily create emails containing customer information and corporate images for potential customers. I built several features to make this easy and intuitive including: A new section which allows users to drag and drop entire sections and templated form elements, the Print Preview function to display a printed version including patient information from a newly created form, an Undo/Redo function to allow users to go back in history and return to how the form looked previously.

Senior Architect July 2006 - July 2008

Designed, coded and deployed a series of applications that became the primary income for one of the largest Cable resellers in the USA in less than 3 months. Within a single year, sales went from zero to grossing over $200,000 per day

Senior Architect/Senior Web Developer July 2012 - July 2014

Built a large online application to allow a customer to select a doctor and book an online appointment. Moved system to Azure, made it mobile compatible and launched the system.

Application Architect/Senior Developer IV September 2010- July 2012

Completely rebuilt and deployed the core of the company's primary income producing product, a warranty system used by over 2500 auto dealerships for Ford, Toyota, Assurant, GM and other major warranty companies

Senior Web DeveloperMarch 2002 - March 2004

At one of the largest insurance companies in the USA, I led and mentored a team of 10 developers in the coding of reusable components for Translation, Security and validation.

Senior Web Developer January 2009 - September 2010

Worked from a 120 page spec document to architect, and code an application for generate pricing quotes for electricity for large corporations including Walmart.


Here are a few of the projects and companies which are running my code.


If you are interested in discussing how I can help with your project, kindly email, call or Skype me.

Contact Info

Mark Tennenhouse

Boynton Beach, Fl 33436

(954) 818 - 6670